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Dedicated to protecting the rights of those wrongfully injured, seeking legal consultation in regards to US immigration laws and those looking for real estate lawyers, Milenkovic Law Group is a New York-based law firm that is both cost-effective and highly professional.


Come to us when you’re at your most vulnerable and we’ll be sure to get you the justice you deserve. Justice is our middle name and justice is what we make sure you get.


Specialists in Visa immigration law, we can help you get quality representation in all kinds of immigration matters, from getting an employment or family-based green card to removal and deportation defense services. Our corporate immigration attorneys are well-versed in the technicalities of US immigration laws and have the expertise necessary to successfully import your company or business into the US.


From Brooklyn to Queens, we provide excellent and highly affordable legal representation and guidance services to clients all across New York. Whether you’re looking for a local medical personal injury attorney or a real estate law specialist, Milenkovic Law Group has got you covered.

Experienced Lawyers You Can Trust

Milenkovic Law Group consists of qualified attorneys in the areas of immigration, personal injury & real estate.

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Milenkovic Law Group - The Servers of Justice

Milenkovic Law Group PLLC strives to provide our clients with cost-effective and personalized solutions.

We know that it’s a good day when you need to get in touch with the good lawyer that can help you achieve your goals through a legal process so we aim to make it as comfortable for you as we possibly can. We believe in offering transparency to our clients and grant them complete access to our lawyers during closings, settlements & trials.

When you hire us as your legal representatives, we consider you as part of the team! We’ll work closely with you to devise customized strategies that are in your best interests.

Since we started, we’ve provided legal services to a wide-range of clients including small, medium and large companies, families, expatriates and other individuals. We take great pride in the diversity of our clientele.

We’re able to counsel our clients English and Serbian – making us a favorite for immigration cases.

Over the years, we’ve developed a wide network of both government and non-government entities that assist us with our cases, allowing us to provide with customized, cost-efficient and effective solutions that best benefit you.

Our areas of expertise include personal injury law, real-estate law and immigration law.

Contact us at 941 – 202 – 0610 for consultation or fill out our Contact Form and we’ll get in touch shortly.

Finding a good lawyer is always a relief; it takes a big burden off your shoulders. We’re here to assure you that we’ll give your case everything we got.

If you’ve been injured in an accident due to negligence of another party or a victim of a malpractice, you can hire a personal injury lawyer to help you recover the damages. The compensation will depend on the injuries you sustained, cost of the medical treatment you received and loss of wages you incurred as a result of the injury, among other things.

You don’t pay if you don’t recover.

The Basics – Personal Injury Law

Personal injury lawyers perform an array of duties including:


All laws are complex so it helps to have an expert explain it to you.

The definition of an accident caused by negligence varies from state to state. The statutes of limitations are also different in each state.

We’ll collect all the details of your case before carefully explaining how the injuries and various legal issues affect your rights.


Don’t make the mistake of speaking to the other party without the guidance of a lawyer. The opposing party will look for holes in your statement that can be used to deny liability.

We’ll also offer advice regarding the documentation of medical treatment that can further strengthen your case.


Personal injury cases are rarely taken to court; the majority of them are settled before it gets to that point.

In cases where an insurance company has denied claims, civil trials may be the only way to be compensated for the sustained injuries.

The case instantly becomes more complicated the moment it is taken to court. There are specific rules and procedures that the plaintiff needs to follow which is why its best left to a seasoned professional rather than a novice.


Other ways we can help


In complicated cases where the client suffers severe injuries, we’ll send a team of investigators to gather specific details of the scene where the accident took place. Our team will even interview witnesses and gather necessary information and evidence about how the accident happened.

If there is dispute regarding the cause of the accident, we’ll contact accident reconstruction experts to provide input.


Personal injury lawyers often consult medical and dental professionals who can assist us in building your case strong.


Victims are inclined to only focus on the immediate impact of the accident and overlook the long-term consequences. Personal injury lawyers on the other hand are well aware of all the consequences of the injuries including the severity of the injury, bills that the victim will be forced to pay in the following weeks along with the salary cuts incurred for missing time from work.

We’ll provide you with a better estimate that covers both the current and long-term costs so you receive the compensation you deserve.


Negotiations with insurance companies: Aside from the negligent defendant, personal injury lawyers also handle informal negotiations with insurance companies.

If you’ve sustained serious injuries that are costing you heavily in medical bills and lost wages, get in touch with us. MilenKovic Law Group has years of experience in personal injury cases.  Call 941 – 202 – 0610 to set up an appointment.

Serving: Westchester | Queens | Bronx | Brooklyn | Long Island | Manhattan

If you’re an immigrant hoping to live and work in the USA or become a US citizen, it’s more important than ever to seek a competent and experienced immigration lawyer

Deportations are at an all time high and the process of entering and obtaining permanent residence and citizenship has become even more difficult with greater scrutiny.

There is a global immigration challenge and we’re doing our part to help those in need.

Since our inception we’ve worked with all federal agencies as part of the US immigration process. We’ve assisted clients with Green cards, asylum, VAWA applications, naturalization, work visas, deportation and more.

Immigration Law Services

At MilenKovic Law Group we understand all the hopes and dreams that are attached to immigration documents. Immigration laws are stricter than they’ve ever been in the country but you can count on us to do everything in our power to help you attain your immigration goals.

Our immigration law services include:


We help individuals obtain permanent residence and citizenship in the USA.

In the case of work visas, you will have to be sponsored by the employer.


At MilenKovic Law Group, we represent clients against deportations and other cases that can impact their immigration status.


Criminal charges further complicate immigration cases. At MIlenKovic Law Group, we represent clients against deportations, penalties, convictions and other cases that can impact their immigration status.

Cases pertaining to immigration law can get incredibly emotional. The criminal charges of an individual can automatically impact innocent children and family members. Consequences of criminal activity can lead to deportations and the denial of any immigration benefits the client may be receiving.


Illegal immigrants residing in New York may qualify to switch to a legal resident status without the need to leave the country..

Individuals looking to get a green card while living abroad will need to undergo consular processing.

Once illegal aliens have received their green cards, they are classed as legal permanent residents.


This visa is  specifically designed for high-net worth clients looking either to move to or invest in the US.

It was devised by Congress to generate movement in the economy.

EB-5 Investors Requirements:

  • An EB-5 investor should invest enough capital to hire at least 10 employees.
  • Job creation of at least 10 employees must happen within the first two years of investment.
  • Depending on the project, the investor will have to invest between $500,000 – 1million.
  • Investors can either invest directly or through EB-5 regional centers. Those that prefer a “hands-off approach” should work with Regional centers.

EB-5 Investor Application Process:

The EB-5 Application Process consists of 3 main steps:

  1. The investor needs to decide between:
    1. Set up and invest in a direct business that will create 10 jobs.
    2. Work with a USCIS-designated regional center through which the investor can create direct, indirect and/ or induced jobs per investor.
  2. After I-526 approval, the applicant will submit conditional permanent resident application by either filing an I-485, Application for Adjustment of Status, or DS-260, Application for Immigrant Visa. This petition is needed to obtain a green card for the investor and their dependants.


  1. Once the two years of conditional residency are over, the investor will need to prove that they have met the requirements. To remove the conditions of residency, they will need to file I-829 application. When the application has been approved, the investor and their dependants will become legal permanent residents and be granted a green card with 10 year validity.


VAWA is the Violence Against Women Act. Women that have been the victim of severe abuse and battery may be eligible to become a permanent resident under VAWA. VAWA applies to women that have been victim of abusive acts committed by:

  • A spouse/former spouse that is a US citizen
    A parent that is a US citizen
  • A son/daughter that is a US citizen
    A spouse/former spouse that is a Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR)
  • A parent that is an LPR

Women that file a VAWA petition are referred to as a VAWA self-petitioner. If the petition is accepted, the self-petitioner can file to become a legal permanent resident.


The U-nonimmigrant Visa or U-Visa is for individuals that have suffered from a crime at the hands of a US citizen or those that are able to help government officials/law enforcement.

The purpose of the U-Visa was to make it easier for law enforcement and government officials to investigate domestic abuse cases and other criminal activity.

If your in New York and need help with any of the above, get in touch with MilenKovic Law Group at 941-202-0610. We offer comprehensive pre-immigration services to individuals hoping to invest or immigrate to the USA.

Serving: Westchester | Queens | Bronx | Brooklyn | Long Island | Manhattan

As a real estate lawyer working on your behalf we review all real-estate transactions pertaining to purchases, leases, property appraisals and inspections of residential, mix-use and commercial properties. We also handle all documentation related to title insurance, financing/restructuring and environmental issues.

When real-estate transactions aren’t going so well, we’ll be glad to step in and provide you with necessary guidance.

Have issues related to your mortgage? We defend borrowers against foreclosure.

When it’s needed, you can rely on our legal team to file and defend lawsuits on your behalf.


One of the primary functions of real-estate lawyers is to prepare and review documentation related to real-estate transactions. We can draft all documentation including rental agreements, restructuring and financing, leasing and sub-leasing agreements, purchase contracts and more.

If you’re looking for a specific type of real-estate document, feel free to give us a call at 941 – 202 – 0610.

In certain states, real-estate agents have the permission to help clients fill in relevant documents but all the paperwork MUST be drafted and reviewed by licensed real-estate lawyers.

Contract Negotiation and Closing

You may not be familiar with how different terms and conditions impact a deal but we are. We’ve handled real-estate transactions of all types so you can trust us to negotiate all terms and conditions for you.

The process usually involves collaborating with other lawyers, investors, mortgage and real estate brokers, lenders and developers.

Title Review

You should not negotiate real-estate deals yourself. There are too many intricacies involved that can adversely affect you.  We’ll be happy to review the contract for you and provide you with advice on how it can be improved. We’ll evaluate all documentation thoroughly, examining environmental concerns and legal title issues.

After analyzing the documents, we’ll inform you of any hidden legal traps that are present; we’re trained to spot any clauses in the contract that may be problematic for you in the future.

Real Estate Litigation

In case the real-estate transaction fails, we can file a lawsuit and defend you in court. If the case is taken to court, we’ll prepare and file legal pleadings, motions and appeals that are needed.

Court trials can be stressful and time consuming settlement agreements are less of a hassle. We can work together with the opposing counsel to come up with a settlement agreement that satisfies both parties and saves them from taking trips to the court. It’s quick and convenient for everyone!

Foreclosure Proceedings

Foreclosure proceedings are very common in a declining economy or when borrowers are unable to make their monthly payments. We represent borrowers in foreclosure proceedings.

When a borrower consistently fails to make payments, lenders can hire us to file a lawsuit on their behalf. We’ll guide them through the process and provide help in recovering their payments.

We also represent borrowers in foreclosure proceedings, where we challenge mistakes in the foreclosure process. As the borrower’s attorney, we aim to defeat the lender`s claim, convince the lender to settle, or obtain a short sale approval from the lender.


In addition, we also provide services related to financing, restructuring, and development /redevelopment, and leasing.

Feel free to get in touch with the team at 941 – 202 – 0610 for more information.

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